The White Tiger of the West (Fall)

[Takamatsu Zuka Tiger]

Drawing Based on White Tiger Found at Takamatsu Zuka Kofun

[White Tiger of the West]

The 7 Moon Stations of the "West" or "White Tiger"

Moon Stations are connected by red lines. Key stars are circled in yellow.

Moon Stations of the "White Tiger"
Chinese Character Meaning Key Star Japanese Name
15 [MS15] Stride, Foot Delta And TokakiBoshi
16 [MS16] Hill, Lasso;

perhaps Bellows

Beta Ari TataraBoshi
17 [MS17] Stomach 35 Ari EkieBoshi
18 [MS18] Stopping Place, United;

perhaps "Getting Together"

17 Tau;

sometimes 16 Tau

19 [MS19] Net;

perhaps related to Rain

Epsilon Tau AmefuriBoshi
20 [MS20] Turtle Snout,

perhaps Tuft on Owl's Head

Lamda Ori;

sometimes Phi Ori

21 [MS21] Investigator, Three Delta Ori;

sometimes Beta Ori


[Spring Equinox]

Simulation using The Sky showing Spring Equinox around 500 B.C. Note that while the sun is "moving" within the moon stations of the White Tiger, the handle of the big dipper ("North Seven Stars") seen at sunset is pointed toward the East, ruled by the Azure or Blue Dragon of Spring.

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