The Azure Dragon of the East (Spring)

[Takamatsu Zuka Dragon]

Drawing Based on Azure Dragon Found at Takamatsu Zuka Kofun

[Azure Dragon of the East]

The 7 Moon Stations of the "East" or "Blue Dragon"

Moon Stations are connected by red lines. Key stars are circled in yellow.

Moon Stations of the Azure Dragon
Chinese Character Meaning Key Star Japanese Name
1 [MS01] Horn(s),

perhaps Angle, Corner

Alpha Vir SuBoshi
2 [MS02] Neck, Throat Kappa Vir AmiBoshi
3 [MS03] Root,

perhaps Shoulder or Base

Iota Lib;

sometimes Alpha Lib

4 [MS04] Chamber,

perhaps Breasts

Delta Sco;

sometimes Pi Sco

5 [MS05] Heart Sigma Sco NakagoBoshi
6 [MS06] Tail Mu Sco AshitareBoshi
7 [MS07] Basket Gamma Sgr;

sometimes Eta Sgr


[Fall Equinox]

Simulation using The Sky showing Autumn Equinox around 500 B.C. Note that while the sun is "moving" within the moon stations of the Azure Dragon, the handle of the big dipper ("North Seven Stars") seen at sunset is pointed toward the West, ruled by the White Tiger of Autumn.

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