The Red Bird of the South (Summer)

Please see our article on Kitora Kofun for an image of the Red Bird (Suzaku).

[Red Bird of the South]

The 7 Moon Stations of the "South" or "Red Bird"
Moon Stations are connected by red lines. Key stars are circled in yellow.

Moon Stations of the "Red Bird"
Chinese Character Meaning Key Star Japanese Name
22 [MS22] Well Mu Gem ChichiriBoshi
23 [MS23] Ogre, Devil,

perhaps Ghost

Delta Cnc;

sometimes Theta Cnc

24 [MS24] Willow Delta Hya NurikoBoshi
25 [MS25] Stars Alpha Hya HotohoriBoshi
26 [MS26] Stretched Net Nu Hya ChirikoBoshi
27 [MS27] Wings Alpha Crt TasukiBoshi
28 [MS28] Chariot Cross-Board,

perhaps strings of Koto

Gamma Crv MitsukakeBoshi

[Summer Solstice]

Simulation using The Sky showing Summer Solstice around 500 B.C. Note that the sun is indeed "moving" within the moon stations of the Red Bird of Summer, and the handle of the big dipper ("North Seven Stars") seen at sunset is pointed upward or South.

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