The "Genbu" (Black Tortoise) of the North (Winter)

[Takamatsu Zuka Genbu]

Drawing Based on Genbu Found at Takamatsu Zuka Kofun

[Genbu of the North]

The 7 Moon Stations of the "North" (Genbu) or "Black Tortoise of Winter" (also "Somber" or "Black" Warrior)

Moon Stations are connected by red lines. Key stars are circled in yellow.

Moon Stations of the "Black Tortoise"
Chinese Character Meaning Key Star Japanese Name
8 [MS08] Dipper; Measure Phi Sgr HikitsuBoshi
9 [MS09] Cow Beta Cap InamiBoshi
10 [MS10] Woman;

perhaps Waiting Maid

Epsilon Aqr UrukiBoshi
11 [MS11] Emptiness Beta Aqr TomiteBoshi
12 [MS12] Roof Top,

perhaps Danger, Steep

Alpha Aqr UmiyameBoshi
13 [MS13] Room,

perhaps Encampment

Alpha Peg HatsuiBoshi
14 [MS14] Wall Gamma Peg NamameBoshi

[Winter Solstice]

Simulation using The Sky showing Summer Solstice around 500 B.C. Note that the sun is indeed "moving" within the moon stations of Genbu or the Black Tortoise of Winter, and the handle of the big dipper ("North Seven Stars") seen at sunset is pointed downward or North.

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